Real Life With a Puppy – Take Two!

Three years ago I asked my friend Kate to write about real life with a puppy, wort's and all! And she did... Now I'm delighted to introduce 'Chapter Two'  in the life of darling Molly 'Moll' and the Richards household, in the form of 10 gorgeous black lab pups. I was privileged to whelp this... Continue Reading →


Letters home…

Someone very special to me has recently been in hospital following major surgery, and indeed now finds herself, much to the relief of all who love her and have worried long nights about her, in rude health - HOORAH! - admittedly with quite some journey of rehabilitation and recovery ahead, but joyfully at home where... Continue Reading →

Local Artist Exhibits…

For those of you who are regular readers of my posts, the name Lucy Racz will be a familiar one to you all and will remember with fondness I'm sure, her exquisite pen and ink drawings of Dolly, my Springer Spaniel bitch and her five gorgeous puppies from January through to March last year. I... Continue Reading →

A Delight in Six Chapters….V

Chapter Five Italy Hours, days, weeks, it seemed of darkness and rattling; of sudden lights; and then long tunnels of gloom; of being flung this way and that; of being hastily lifted into the light and seeing Miss Barrett’s face close, and thin trees and lines and rails and high light-specked houses — for it... Continue Reading →

A Delight in Six Chapters….III

Chapter Three The Hooded Man Such an education as this, in the back bedroom at Wimpole Street, would have told upon an ordinary dog. And Flush was not an ordinary dog. He was high-spirited, yet reflective; canine, but highly sensitive to human emotions also. Upon such a dog the atmosphere of the bedroom told with... Continue Reading →

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